Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day - Recalentado

As I posted before, in Mexico, the heavy cooking work is done on Christmas Eve, so Christmas Day is a day to relax , and most of all to enjoy the "recalentado". I don't know about the rest of the world, but here in Mexico, on the next day of a big feast, everybody knows that the food left over tastes much, much better, thus "recalentado" (re-heated). Everybody looks forward to it. So we also had recalentado on Christmas day. We always make enough food for two days or more. And as I said before, my dinner was not Mexican. A typical Mexican Christmas dinner will include Bacalao a la Vizcaína (cod fish), Romeritos con Mole (I don't know the name of this plant), and many people make turkey because of the influence of other countries. I made some Romeritos on Christmas Day. They came out delicious, even though the pictures did not come out too well.
But first, my kids opened their gifts. They got a Wii for both, and a Brain Age 2 game for their Nintendo DS. The funny thing is that my husband has NEVER had any interest in the DS or video games, but upon discovering that the Brain Age game had Sudoku, he has refused to leave it alone.
Yesterday he used that thing for three hours straight. Incredible. Let me tell you that my husband has a 0 in technology. Once, our computer broke down, and he asked me when was I going to take the PVC to get fixed (he meant the CPU).
Here are the photos (not too good, actually pretty bad).

What it is? They had no idea what they would get.

Exercise for lazy brains.

They liked it a lot.

Machine vs. paper.

These are the fresh romeros. Not to be confused with "romero",
named Rosemary in english. The woody stems have to be picked off
before cooking.

Dried shrimp. The heads, legs, and tails have to be taken off.

Boiled potatoes.

Mole paste. This stuff has tons of ingredients including chocolate.
Click here to check out
the ingredients.

The romeritos are boiled in water, and then strained.

The mole paste is disolved in chicken broth.

The shrimp is lightly fried in oil.

Then everything is incorporated together, and let boil for
15 minutes while stirring.

We like to eat it hot, with bread. When I first was introduced
to Mole, twenty-five years ago, I found it really disgusting.
I never thought that a few years later, it would
be one of my favorite Mexican dish

Leftover chicken, and yep, it tasted

Pulling at the wishbone.

Laugh attack at dumb things said and done.

This photo is especially for Sofi. Look at the gingerbread
cookies you made last year. I used them for the wreath
on the door. Do you like it? I think it's
very nice.

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el dan said...

Angie the wreath is soooo beautiful!!! this year I made some gingerbread hearts again and gave them as presents to our parents just like to you last year.
you wrote beautiful things in your blog!!
we love you so much!!