Monday, December 8, 2008

San Miguel- Part III

As I wrote before, ther are many artisans in San Miguel. Many things are handmade. Some are beautiful, others are funny. Here are some things we saw in the shops in San Miguel.

"Lucha Libre" mask. This one is not usable, it is
made from "papel maché".

This is in the courtyard of the shop.

Bags made from vinyl/oilcloth.

Many people collect crosses. This is inside the shop.

Kind of blurry. But look at the many things one can buy.
Hard to decide (especially if one is low on funds).

Another bag. Sofi designed some bags herself. I helped her make them.

We also went to the market. Dani walking through.

Kopi and Cristian.

What are these guys watching so attentive?

"Lucha Libre" of course (T.V. on top of sign). Dani was
attracted to this sport since there in no Lucha Libre in Hungary.
He even went with my guys to see "Místico" in a match.

Market shopping bags. Made of plastic. A must for every housewife.

Tomorrow I will post about doors in San Miguel. Sleep well!

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