Sunday, December 7, 2008

San Miguel Part II

These pictures show the Cathedral. It is really massive. And I think the style is Gothic (please correct me if I am wrong). Many Americans live here. Mostly senior citizens. Lots of them are artists who like the bohemian atmosphere here. There are a lot of art galleries, and craft shops in San Miguel. It is really nice.

Full view of the Cathedral.

Front of the Cathedral.

Lots of detail in the carvings.

The inside.

Right outside the Cathedral. Dani is playing with Kopi. They used a small
bouncing ball that had tinsel on it, with string attached
to catapult it.

Kopi ready to catch the ball. I think they hit someone with that too.

The "Kiosco" in the middle of the central garden. The band was playing.
We all started to dance.

Why is Sofi dancing on dani's feet?

Sofi's "chancla" broke because of the rain, hahaha. (Sorry Sofi,
couldn't resist it!) It really was funny, we even have a video of it!!

More "great pictures" tomorrow (only I could say that about my own photos). Good night!

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African Kelli said...

Such great photos! These bring back such fond memories I have of Mexico.
Please keep posting!