Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Posada at Home.

Now the posada was at my house. Several neighbors got together, and distributed three posadas for this season. First we started at the house where the last posada was celebrated. We prayed the rosary, and from there the "pilgrimage of Mary and Joseph" started towards my house.

This is Lupita's house.
After praying, getting ready to go to my house.

The "peregrinos", Mary and Joseph.

The kids carrying the "peregrinos".

Singing on the way-"ora pro nobis"- pray for us.

The kids took turns carrying the peregrinos. There's my youngest.
The evening was just a bit cool. My kids wore shorts.

After the peregrinos were given shelter, again food.
My neighbor, Lupita and I prepareing the tostadas.

Yes, I copied Adriana's idea and made tostadas. Only mine had refried frijoles,
ham, lettuce, cheese and sour cream.

The kids eating on the sidewalk. The weather was still good at this moment.
An hour later, pum, the temperature went down. Luckily, the
posada was over by then.

Some other neighbors eating. It is all very informal. Some
neighbors had just gotten home from work (painted pants).
And yes, I'm going to paint my house this season.

The piñata.

My oldest making a kid dizzy.


Happy with what he got.

But Paloma was the winner of most of the piñata. Christmas piñatas are filled
with other stuff, different than birthday piñatas. They do have candy,
but oranges, tangerines or clementines, and sugar canes are also
put in.

No more posadas this season. Now getting ready for the Christmas Eve dinner. Went to Central de Abastos again. I'll try to post later. Have a nice evening.

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