Saturday, December 6, 2008

San Miguel de Allende-Revisited Part I

When Dani and Sofi, our Hungarian friends, were living here in Mexico, they had some friends come and visit. One of those friends was Kopi. He stayed here in Mexico for about 3 months (or more, I don't remember exactly how long). Just before he went back to Hungary, we decide to visit San Miguel de Allende all together. San Miguel is just about an hour from where we live. And all of us were the usual gang- Dani, Sofi, Lolis, Andrea, Claudia, Kopi, Paul, Cristian, and me. This trip was great, and we enjoyed our Hungarian friends so much. There are so many pictures, I am thinking about doing this in a series. If you get bored, just let me know. The pictures are kind of dark because it rained quite a bit that day (and I'm not a good photographer).
I want to use this space to thank Dani, Sofi, and Kopi for all the wonderful times we shared, and for their loving friendship. It's a blessing to have friends like them.

This is the Cathedral of San Miguel seen from a distance.

A painted mural depicting part of Mexico´s history.

Sofi checking out some iron things at a shop we went to.

This incredible candelabra at the same shop.

More iron things.

Kopi and Paul taking a rest.

Dani with his frisbee. He and Kopi played with it and hit a lady in the head.
Embarrassing, but funny.

This is where the mural was. It was some kind of shopping place,
but everything was closed, except a restaurant I will show in a later post.

All of us.
Sitting left to right-Paul, me Kopi, Lolis, Andrea.
Standing- Dani, Sofi, Claudia, Cristian.

Enjoy your weekend!

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