Wednesday, December 3, 2008


At my son's school, the students are taught typical Mexican dances. It is mandatory. That means that NO one can escape this class. So they have to make the best of it (of course, I'm talking about the boys). The girls really enjoy it.
Anyway, about a month ago they had their first presentation. They used some really nice costumes, and they danced pretty well. I could not remember from what region this dance came from, so first I asked my oldest son, "I don't remember" he said , then my husband, "I think it's from Tamaulipas", and finally the dancer himself, "I'm almost sure it's from Guadalajara". So we declare ourselves incompetent on naming the correct region. But I repeat, it was nice.

Afterwards they went to their classrooms, and had to make a typical Mexican "curio" (we often joke about this word, will explain later) with clay. Some kids made "food", others landscapes. My son made an Olmec head.

Yes, that is his perception of an Olmec head.

Good night!

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