Thursday, August 27, 2009

Morelia II

The first museum we went to was the only one where I could take photos. This museum's theme was prehispanic artifacts, and the first chronicles of the Spanish. All from this specific area (the state of Michoacán).

There some really nice things. And many are very old. So here are some of the photos.

There were many small statues like this one.

Many of these statues were used for rituals.

CursivaThese "molcajetes" (for grinding and crushing, and making salsas) haven't
changed much through the centuries.

Carvings on stone.

More statues.

Original Spanish book showing the chronicle
of the "conquistadores".

This is a drawing made by a spanish monk.
It shows drawings of the local natives.

Original door made by Spanish artisans.

And a very, very old Spanish uniform.

And my kids were excited with this. An
original cilice (for body punishment). They remembered it from a recent movie
(boys will be boys).

Tomorrow I will continue with more.
Have a good night...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Morelia I

We went to Morelia two weekends ago for the Baptism of our friends' daughter, Emma. I had passed through Morelia 26 years ago soon after I got married. I really didn't remember much about the place, and even though it is only an hour and a half drive there, I haven't been there since. So, boy was I surprised!! The place is beautiful!! (At least for me). It is the capital of the state of Michoacán, and you can find more information here.
We got to Morelia at about 11:00 a.m. for the religious ceremony, then we had till 5:00, (that was when the food was going to be served at rented party place) to walk around and sightsee.
We got so excited we got to the reception at almost 6:00 p.m.
It was a Sunday, so all the museums admitance was free (in all Mexico this is the law). We went to five museums, but the last was the best (I'll leave it for my last post about Morelia).
I'll start from the beginning and go on from there...

The inside this small temple,
Parroquia Nuestra Señora de la Merced.

Emma, with her parents Aida and Emmanuel.

A new Christian.

The outside of the temple.

Looking down the street from the temple.
All the buildings are made of stone.
No one can alter any building here because
it is a World Heritage Site.

This is a school in an old building. It must be incredible
to study in a 400 year old building.

Computer room.

Inside patio.

Outside again, with the hills in the distance.

This building is a hotel.

One of the many temples in downtown Morelia.

I still have about a trillion photos of the trip. I'll continue tomorrow with some pre-hispanic carvings we saw at the first museum.
Good night....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

De regreso....

I'm back!! Sorry I was away for so long, but first I had to finish a three week online course which was so time consuming. Then my car got hit by a Taxi, and we had to check insurance, get my work leave, and that was also very time consuming. Fortunately I'm O.K. and the car only had minor damages. Tomorrow I'll post some photos of our trip tp Morelia (beautiful place). Just want to apologize to my giveaway winners for not sending their gifts yet. I'll send them next week.

Tomorrow is first day of school here! So lots of activity for the week.
And hope you have a great week also......

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


The day I went downtown to buy the giveaway scarves, I passed through the market and took these photos.....

'Tis the season for....granadas (pomgrenates)!

Also the season for.....higos (figs).
These I have for breakfast with plain yougurt,
honey, and amaranto. Mmmmm.

Nopales and radishes...

Here the owner of the stall is
using a knife to remove or
"clean" the nopales of its spines.
Afterwards thay are cut up and boiled in water,
and made for a cold salad or with a salsa.

And as I said before, it's really easy to win with me.
Only two commented for the giveaway.
So they will recieve the scarf of their choice.

I still have most of them left, so I will give it another try till Friday.
You can pass along the information......

And hope you're having a beautiful Tuesday!!