Thursday, December 25, 2008


I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas Day. Here in Mexico and most of Latin America, the busiest day is Nochebuena (Christmas Eve). This is the day in which the family gets together for a big dinner. It is usually very late, 11:00 or 12:00 midnight. Also, many people go to Misa de Gallo (midnight mass). We are alone in this city, but we keep the custom, and have our big "family dinner", the four of us together.
But Christmas Eve starts earlier. My husband and I went out at 9:00 a.m. to do last minute shopping. We had to go to the poultry shop to pick up the two big chickens we had reserved for the dinner. I prefer chicken for a few reasons: cheaper, totally fresh, and faster to cook. My dinner was not Mexican (I will make some Mexican food today), but it had chile. I made roast chicken covered with a sauce made with dried chile chipotle, prunes, dates, and Coca-Cola (yes, Coca- Cola), and a pasta made with butter, garlic, sour cream and fresh parsley. It's something like an Alfredo sauce, but without the flour.
Anyway I will leave you with photos of our day. *Caution-many, many photos.

Downtown of course. I love this small street "Berriozabal".

There is a flower shop.

Sidewalk café-restaurant "Las Cigarras".

Small gallery-shop.

The café house where we used to go with Dany and Sofi.

Such a simple window, but elegant.

This is a restaurant-store calle Sanborns. It's been in our city for about a year,
but it's a franchise that started in Mexico City in 1908. I like the fact that they
took an old downtown building and hardly changed it.

The inside has old-fashined fixings.

My favorite part of the store- books, books, book. My husband bought
my Christmas present here (2 books).

Right acress the street a friend of ours has a sidewalk restaurant, and the shop next door is a bridal shop that belongs to his wife. His name is Dagoberto.

In the early evening, our neighbor asked us to go to their house to
"put the Baby to sleep". Almost everybody has a "Nacimiento" (Nativity), and at 12:00
midnight, they put Baby Jesus in a cloth and rock him to sleep while
singing songs. They did this before midnight because they were going to some other place.

Laura and Irene rocking the baby.

Naty and Sergio (today is her birthday, thus the name "Natividad").

"A la ro ro niño, a la ro, ro ya, duermase mi niño, duermaseme ya...."
Rock a bye baby.....

Everybody kisses the infant before laying him down,

This is my Nacimiento. I put everything up after we got back from downtown.
I didn't have any time before yesterday to put up the tree, and my kids were
frantic. This Nacimiento is a very old one I made about 16 years ago. It is made of
parchment paper. I couldn't find my other statue nacimineto. That's
what I get for doing things at the last minute. But I think it's pretty nice.

More decorations.

Now here are the big guys. Just before pouring the sauce. It has carrots,
celery, chile poblano, and cambray onions.

All covered with sauce and ready for the oven.

While the birds were cooking, an official portrait.

Right out of the oven. Really good, although it wasn't
spicy/hot enough for our taste.


And digging in.

Enjoy your day.

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