Monday, December 15, 2008

Monarch Butterflies.

At the beginning of the year, we went to Michoacán to see the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. Monarch Butterflies migrate from Canada to Michoacán in the Winter, then go back in spring. This place is about two hours and a half from where we live. We went when the butterflies were getting ready to go back. I personally loved the trip. Yes, there were lots of people, but none the less it was beautiful. We arrived the evening before. I can't remember the name of hte town we stayed at, but the place near the sanctuary is called Angangeo. I have sent these photos before, but thought they were worth showing again.

The night before we stopped at Angangueo to check out the action.

Back: Kopi, Gergo, Dani
Front: Andrea, Sofi, Lolis, Paul

Dani (and the dog) waiting for their tacos.

Street tacos, best in the world.

The next morning, barbacoa for breakfast.

Consomé, mmmmm.

Blue handmade tortillas, made with huitlacoche (a fungus from the corn).
Sounds gross, but they're delicious.

Eating a blue quesadilla.

Some shots of Angangueo.

My son doing his handstands.

Then ALL of us (12) plus two more, packed into the back of a pick-up
camper, and travelled an hour on a dirt road.

At the Sanctuary. An uphill hike of about an 45 min.

Some shots of butterflies.

They were dinking water here.

It can't be seen clearly, but the branches are heavy with butterflies.

Resting after the hike.

The butterflies that arrive in fall are not the ones that return in spring, but the new butterflies know the exact route to go back to Canada. And vice-versa. It really is incredible. There are many more butterflies than what is seen in the photos.This is really a place worth visiting.

Hope you have a good night's rest.

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