Sunday, December 14, 2008

"Carne asada", how we've missed you!!

Dani, Sofi, we made carne asada this weekend!!!!
After a few months of not doing our favorite passtime, we got together this Saturday, and made carne asada (BBQ). Sorry vegetarians, but we love meat with a passion. We used to make carne asada almost every other weekend. For our friends and family from other places, BBQ in Mexico is different. The meat is thinner, and eaten with tortilla and salsa. I could not take many pictures because of a low battery, but here they are.

Lolis chewing away. This is at Claudia's house.

Pico de gallo (tomato, onion, chile, cilantro, salt, lemon). We added avocado.

Maite and daughter Karla. Bowl of broccoli and lettuce.
We also eat lots of vegetables.

The official chef heating tortillas and baking potatoes.
Wouldn't be an authentic Mexican chef without his sombrero.

Mundo telling us a joke.

Good food=big smiles.

Imposible cake made by Maite. Bottom is chocolate cake, top flan.
If interested, let me know and will send recipie.

After the sun went down, it got very cool. The scarf Lolis
has on was made by moi. She's knitting with the tablita. Great for begginers.

Tomorrow back to work after a long weekend, ouch. But only for a week, last day is Friday then two week vacation. Can´t wait.
Haven't put up the tree, or any decorations. We want to paint inside first. Did I say vacations?
Enjoy your Sunday, Adios!!

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