Saturday, November 22, 2008

Family Weekend

A few weekends ago (before cold front #10), we decided to go to a park in our town, which is about 10 min. from our house. The weather was still great (as you can see from the bermudas). This is a nice place, but we don't go there often enough. The entrance costs .10 cents (dollar), 1 peso over here. There's a swimming pool for kids, "streets" for kids to ride their bikes, skates, or scooters with stop signs, red lights, and intersections. There's plenty of green areas to make a picnic, and there are ceramic and painting workshops for the children. Well, we packed our Volkswagen (yes, we have a red beetle, the old type) with tablecloths, books, scooter, and kids to enjoy our Sunday.

Here are the pictures:

Oldest son trying his hand at juggling.

A bit more difficult than he thought.

The face (or hair) of failure!!


Husband's sudoku book. It has about a million puzzles, and he doesn't do the next puzzle until he finishes the previous one!!!

Youngest son: Mom, I think dad is getting old.

Me: Why do you say that?

Youngest son: Because my dad's idea of having fun is solving sudoku puzzles!

Youngest son's idea of fun; riding his scooter.

Resting in the shade of big eucalyptus trees.

The books we took.

I like that my people like to read!

Sorry for the way the pictures are accomodated. I'm still figuring out this thing.

We had a nice time at the park. We should go there more often. Enjoy your Saturday!

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