Thursday, December 4, 2008

A new twist to Jell-O..

About a month ago, Lolis, Claudia, and I went with Alba to learn how to make flower gelatins. Now, before you start thinking this is an all girly post, wait till you read to the end.

Alba makes these beautiful Jell-O flowers that taste really good, too. Everybody oooos and ahhhhs when they see them, but that's just about it. She would tell everybody that she could teach them how to do it, but no one was really interested (I guess). Till one day, Lolis and I said we should go and try to make these things. So there we go! And, oh, did we go.

First, they were not so difficult to make, and second, it's better than going to a shrink! You can't believe how we let go of all the stress we had. I don't know if we have a secret desire to stab things, but with each needle jab, we started loosing up and feeling better. I know it's hard to believe, but that's how we felt. And you should really try it. Really.

Of course, the plane ticket plus Alba's fees would be hard on your pocket, but it probably would be worth it. If the gelatin doesn't relieve your stress, the vacation here in Mexico would. Any which way, you can't loose.

I like orange.

Lolis jabbing away.

I guess we had a lot of stress.

Really, really fun to do!!

I think the African Violet came out pretty nice.

Alba and Claudia.

Looks like some underwater creature.

Lolis, Alba, and Claudia.

Now , when we feel tense we say we have to make Jell-O. And that's pretty often.
But Jell-O is chaep and Alba's office, I mean workshop, is always open.
Sweet (Jell-o) dreams.

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