Monday, August 23, 2010

Demasiado tiempo.....

Wow, more than two months without posting. It's been too long...

Lots of things have happened, but mostly my time has been taken up by my changing of workplace. I had been working at my old school for eleven years, and I thought a change would be good. Little did I know that this change would be so time consuming.

Among other things, I had to renew my working visa. Since the old one had expired, I had to leave the country and come back in with a new tourist visa to start the whole process again. Having no money for a plane trip, a friend and I decided to go by bus to Laredo, Texas, a 12 hour bus ride. I'll talk about that adventure in another post. Then getting all the papers ready for the visa, and taking them to León, a city about a hour from here, I had to go two times.

I also had to attend a course at my new school. So much information! I thought my head would explode, but everything went well. Then I had to take out all the things I had accumulated in 11 years from my old school and prepare my new classroom. That was very time consuming!

Also I had to prepare all my son's school things. Here notebooks have to be covered with colored paper chosen for each grade (his is yellow), afretwards they have to be covered with plastic (I use contact paper). And the books have to be covered with plastic also. In total, I covered 11 notebooks with yellow paper and plastic, and 10 books with plastic (whew!).

Now, don't think I'm complaning. Summer was good. I planted some pumpkin seeds and they are looking pretty goo. Hopefully we'll have pumpkins for Día de Muertos. We also attended weddings, Quince Años, and a whole bunch of good-bye parties.

I'm posting photos of the mini pizzas my ex-students made the last days of school, and some of co-worker Montserrat and Beto's wedding...

As always, my girls went overboard with this project.
The pizzas are made with flour tortillas, tomato sauce,
and lots of different toppings.
This one has pepperonni, tuna fish, green and black
olives, and mozarella cheese.
Yes, they ate this strange combination!!

They HAD to make faces. Love the cat!

Here some have pinapple with ham (it's called Hawaiian pizza).

And here is Montserrat's wedding.
She looked beautiful, these photos don't do her justice.

At the church with the "lazo" tied around them.

At the reception. Love the new fashion of having
a vegetable and fruit bar. Jicama, carrots, and cucumber
with lots of lime juice and different hot sauces.
Watermelon, canteloupe, honeydew..
In the back you can see the "chamoy" sauce

And a photo of a few of the teachers that went to the wedding.
We had a great time.

Still have a lot to post about the summer...

In the mean time, have a great week and wish me luck at my new job!