Saturday, January 31, 2009


Yup, cookies. This is soo not like me!!! A friend blogger has a group called Craft;along, and they post two projects to be done every month. It is about doing things with your hands, and trying not to buy them at the store. This month's project was sewing a hoodie, and making Lemon Drop Cookies. Now sew, I like, but again not much time (I'm not complaining, just stating the facts).

Anyway, today was the deadline to finish whatever was chosen, and post it on fliker. So I decided to make the cookies. First I had to ask Kelli for information about the recipe, because I didn't know the names of stuff over here, or how to proceed for certain techniques (see how profesional I seem using interesting words?). My husband had to go out to get several things that I had forgotten. Then I had a gastritis attack, so I slept most of the afternoon. And at about 7:00 p.m. I started making the cookies.

The first batch was a disaster. I have no idea what went wrong. Second batch was more or less O.K. Third was the best. And fourth looked like latkes (jewish potato pancakes which are delicious, but have nothing to do with cookies). I finished at 10:30 and immediatly posted the photos on fliker: Mission accomplished.

But everything is O.K. I really enjoyed the challenge, and am looking forward to February's crafts.

I present to you the world famous Lemon Drop Cookies.....

Didn't look too bad while baking in the oven.

But ouside they were gooey, soft and flat.

Second batch wasn't that bad. My son helped me make them,
and said they looked more like cakes that cookies.

While waiting for the things to bake, I entertained myself taking photos
of whatever. I dared not leave cookies unattended. This is a can
of sardines in tomato paste.

Much better. These look like cookies.

On the cooling rack. These were firmer.

And the last batch. Lemon drop latkes.
Even though they looked weird, all of them tasted delicious.

So after my adventure, I wish you a good night, and hope you enjoy the game tomorrow. See ya...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Puerto Vallarta.

Beaches are not close by from where we live, and that's something I miss from Puerto Rico. The closest one is Puerto Vallarta, and that's a seven hour drive (but for some reason it seems ten, ugh). We've been there several times. Especially a few years ago when my husband was offered a post as manager in a gym for six months. So we went there two times for fifteen days each, taking advantage of the apartment he was renting.
I like Puerto Vallarta. It's a bit different from the Caribbean, but it's nice. Since we took the car, we were able to find nice places away from the tourists (funny, because we were tourists ourselves), but you know what I mean.
We found this beach. NOBODY was there. It was obvious why. There were many rocks, and when the waves hit your feet, they banged rocks against your ankles, ouch! But we started making "balancing rock sculptures". We were there for hours, and we probably made about thirty sculptures. We got to work our patience loking for the right rocks, and get them perfectly balanced. It was adicting. Unbelievbly, we had lots of fun...I wish I were there right now.

Today starts the first most stressful weeks of the school year: getting ready for the Cultural/Science Fair Week. It's in two weeks. Again, light posting, and if you never hear from me again, you can find me at the local mental asylum, after going crazy at the Science Fair.
Please pray so I survive yet another year of this madness....
(Now you know why I especially want to be in Vallarta now.)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Lucha Libre.

Las Luchas... Wrestling.... So Mexican. Many of you will say wrestling is not Mexican, and maybe you're right. But MEXICAN wrestling is taken to a higher level....

My mother-in-law has ten children, five men, five women. My husband is the oldest. As each one reached the 50 year birthday mark, special celebrations were prepared. When it was my brother-in-law Carlos's turn (a year and a half ago), his wife, Mary, said she wanted him to have a surprise, lucha libre, birthday party. And of course, who could say no to a theme like that.

Mexican wrestling is one of speed and acrobatics. It relies more on aereal stunts than on strength, and the wrestlers have to be agile. The matches have much speed, so not many big, massive, slow wrestlers are seen. And the mystery of the mask.... ah, no one knows who's behind it. The mask gives a sense of fantasy and illusion. The wrestler is not a mere person, he is beyond that.

This was the first outing we had with Dani and Sofi. And it was hard to explain to them what Las Luchas were since they don't have this in Hungary (how can they live without it?). So we went to Mexico City for my brother-in-law's birthday, and although after the party Dani was still not able to understand very well what this was all about, we had a great time. Months later, Dani was able to go to a real match with "El Místico" wrestling.

I leave you with this wrestling adventure....

Birthday boy!
(Dig the cape)

Many well wishers.

His wife Mary came as the booker, taking bets for the matches.
Check out the gold chain, cigarrette, and fan made of money.

Everyboday had to come as a wrestler, or something related to the matches.
My husband had a surprise for the end.

Even my mother-in-law had a mask.

Children, babies, adults with wrestling fever.

Even the piñata was a wrestler.

Fernando as a beer seller.

Sofi and I also chose to go as beer sellers.

Dani with a Místico mask.

And here comes the surprise. Maybe it will not make you laugh,
but every time I see these photos, they
make me laugh uncontrolably......

My Husband... The Wrestler....
(Yes, he has underwear above black tights)
(Oh, and check out the pectorals and abs,
now you know why I married him)

My son (karate wrestler) and my husband made a sketch.
Here Karate Wrestler is daring my husband (don't remember by what
name he went by) to a match. Lot's of shouting and insulting.
The little nephews in the back wanted to fight also.
This was in the middle of the street, in front of my sister-in-law's house.

Then the action began!!!
Slapping, hitting, kicking, even bitting!!

One-on-one, to see who is the best.
Some acrobatics were involved, but I could not take photos.

It was a great party. Big and small had fun. Next 50 year old brother, Jaime, still has three years to go. Lots of time to prepare another great party...
Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Primera Comunión.

First of all, I want to apologize to all vegetarians for some of the photos you will see (or NOT see). Just don't say I didn't warn you.
On Saturday we went to the First Communion of one of my son's classmates, Axel.
It was celebrated in a small "pueblito" about 30 min. from where we live. The name of the pueblito is Estación Joaquín. It has four streets at the most, and it is a railroad town, that's why it's called Joaquín Station.
After the religious ceremony, we went to the kid's granfather's ranch. Here in Mexico, ranches come in many sizes. This one is BIG. It was about fifteen minutes from the church, and the access was a dirt road. The house and gardens are small, but I loved the place. At this moment, chives are being grown here. But they also have some milking cows, and the place is really nice.
The food being served was the typically Guanajuato, Wedding/Baptism/First Communion food: carnitas (fried pork), thus the warning. Here the pork is fried in big cooper kettles or couldrons (I don't know if any of these words fit the image). The complete pork is used, not just fried, but made into normal sausages, blood sausages, chicharrón (skin fried to a crispiness), etc.
Anyway, here are the photos, again too many, but not enough for you to get the whole picture.

Parroquia del Trabajo.


Check out this bell. The bottom is from a motorcycle
tire, and the circle is a piece of rail.

In the courtyard were the bicycles of kids who
were taking their cathesism lessons that day.

The railroad.

Electricity posts, still working.

I love this motorcycle!

Part of the ranch with the chives growing.

Boys will be boys. Hauling rocks to throw into a ditch.

Hauling BIG rocks.

"Please, don't bother me when I'm doing an important job."

Hay for the cows.

And the cows. What a cute calf!!

Here are the carnitas cooking in the cooper "pot", or whatever.

In these two pots are half the pig. The other half was cooked later.

Adding wood to the fire.

Blood sausage. It has chick peas and spices.
It's eaten with tortilla as a taco.

Carnitas, rice, dry noodle soup, and beans.

Digging in.

And the cake...

After eating, we went for a walk on the ranch grounds.
All of this is part of the ranch.

Son #1 up in a tree.

Son #2 also wanted to go up, but no way!!
This was as far as he got.

Since there are cows here, the milk is transported in these milk cans
(and in a RED pick-up!).
It is usually sold from house to house, and it is called
"leche bronca". It's raw milk, and has to be boiled quite a while.

Afternoon sun on my face. Nice and warm. This is how most
afternoons are in this season.

Wish all of those who live in cold regions, lots of warmth from my heart...