Tuesday, December 30, 2008

El Tepozteco.

Before Christmas, my oldest son went to Mexico City for a two week vacation. Almost all of my hysband's family lives there. He stayed at his Grandmother YuYu's house. She lives with my husband's youngest sister Yazmín. Let me tell you, the family is big. My mother-in-law has five sons and five daughters. Anyway, my son did not take the camera since he wanted to be able to visit places without worryng about carrying it. So he did not take pictures of the ice skating ring in the Zócalo (biggest in the world, so they say), nor the basílica de Guadalupe, or the many other places he went to. But his Uncle Carlos and his wife Mary invited him to go visit Tepoztlán, a town about an hour and a half from Mexico City in the state of Morelos. At this place there is a massive, rocky mountain of volcanic origin called El Tepo, which people hike up. It's not difficult to go up, but it takes about another hour and a half. Carlos took his camera, and between both (Carlos and my son) they took some pretty nice pictures. With them went two of Mary's nephews. Carlos and Mary did not hike up the mountain, and my son forgot to ask his uncle for the camera to take pictures from the top. But before going up, they stopped at a really nice restaurant called "Los Colorines", and had breakfast. While the guys hiked, Carlos an Mary stayed at this place.
Here are the photos, taken by my son and Carlos.

Entrance to the restaurant.

Antique photo and many "jarritos".

Fried eggs, refried beans, and chilaquiles.

My son had to take an "after" picture.

The colors. I love it.

I never would of thought of decorating a wall
with chairs.

My sister-in-law, Mary, her two nephews and my son.

While waiting for the guys to come back, Mary had a massage.

The guys with my brother-in-law, Carlos.

These are photos of El Tepo, seen from the bellow.
The sky was so clear that day.

After coming down, they went to eat (again) at another restaurant,
where these photos were taken.

Well, 2008 is almost over. I have to say it was an incredible year for us. We got to make friends with two incredible people, Dani and Sofi, thanks for sharing your Mexican experience with us, we love you. And of course, Kopi, your love for everyone has no end. And consolidate older friendships, Lolis, Adriana, Carmelita, and many others (it would take a long time to write them all) thanks for always being there, the value of a good friend has no limit. Also, to get in touch with my loving cousin Santos (love ya!), and the fortune of having my wonderful cousin, Miguel, e-mail me everyday with thoughts and information. And my other cousins, Alicia and Eddie, thanks for keeping in touch. To be able to keep in touch with my brothers, so far away, but so much loved. Beeing able to talk to my new sister-in-law Ellie (I hope I can meet you soon). To my Mexican family (all of them) thank you for showing your affection and love to my family and me (Yaz, I'm sure you'll get a really good job this year, we are praying). I have to be thankful for the health of my husband and sons, and for how much they love me, I love you guys more. I am thankful for that, and much more. And for having the most wonderful Mom in the world: I love you and miss you so much, Mama. But a promise is a promise, we will see you in the summer.
I love you all very dearly, and I really wish you all (friends, family, and virtual friends) a great New Year 2009. God bless you!!


African Kelli said...

Angie -- thank you so, so much for the beautiful supplies that arrived! I am just tickled. Thank you for thinking of me and your lovely generosity!
THese photos are great. I love the chairs on the wall!

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