Thursday, July 30, 2009


Yesterday was my 100th post!
So I decided to have a giveaway. As I said before, there are few followers, so it's very easy to win. I bought seven scarves (no, I did not make them, I doing an infernal on-line course) . They are made here in Mexico. Unfortunately they are not made of wool, and are machine made. It is very difficult to get wool products here. So these are made of synthetic material, but the colors are very nice. The first four are not shiny, thay are made of a more mate material. The other three are made of "artisela", a shiny thread. So if you would like one, leave a comment stating that you want one, and on Tuesday I will choose the winners. Easy, no? Now I need the comments.
So here are the scarves.....

I'm really happy to have reached my 100th post. And am planning to reach at least 100 more. Hope I see you around....


Anonymous said...

They're very colorful and pretty. I would like one but I hate for you to have to send it international.

Congrats on 100!

el dan said...

hey, first one to comment, sure to win...
only joking.
muchos ambrazos y besos.
manana vamos a canoear por una semana talvez podemos platicar en la nocse en skype. si no pues no y mejor en agosto.