Wednesday, July 29, 2009

¡Felíz Cumpleaños, Edmundo!

Happy Birthday, Edmundo!! (my husband). I feel so bad. My husband's birthday was on Saturday, and I've just had time to post it!
I'm doing an on-line course and I never would have thought it would be so time consuming. But I'll talk about that at some other time.

The day was beautiful and he did what he enjoys the most: play soccer- He plays on three teams. Yes three!! One on Tuesday, the second on Wednesday, and the third on Saturday.
(It's a masters team, of course, but he still runs and makes goles.)
Unfortunately, his team lost on Saturday, but I made the typical birthday food: Mole con Pollo.
He got lots of calls from family and friends.
¡¡Te queremos mucho, Mundo!

He was constantly on the phone
receiveing lots of good wishes.

Mmmmm. Mole con pollo. Under the mole
sauce is the chicken.

When I arrived here, twenty-five years ago, I thought Mole was gross. After just a few years I loved it. Everytime I come back from a trip, the first thing I ask my mother-in-law to make is Mole.

Oh, and did I mention? This is my 100th post!! Yay.
So please stop in tomorrow. I have a giveaway, and with so few people folowing me, (hehe) it's almost sure you will win. And I send the gifts to any part of the world. That is if you like what I'm giving away. So...
¡¡¡Hasta Mañana!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday late, Edmundo! Mine was July 29th.

Angie said...

Happy Birthday, Candace! Hope your day was great!!!!!