Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ultimo Día de Clases.

Last day of school!
I hope you can understand my enthusiasm for this day. Now don't think I don't like my job, I love teching kids, but a teacher needs to charge batteries to be able to do a good job. And this year was pretty hectic with the swine flu. So again I say, last day of school!
At most schools in Mexico, the last day is celebrated with a ceremony in which awards are given out, and the kids get to do a presentation (dance, peotry, singing, whatever) for their parents.
My son's school was no exeption. My son got to dance something typical from the state of Jalisco, where Guadalajara is. I love the costumes. They also recieved their awards. My son got 2nd place in academic acheivement (It is given to the three highest averages in each grade), and in Faith Formation (religion). So I can say I'm very proud of him.
And, of course, here are photos of the celebration. I will continue with the Valle de Bravo series tomorrow...

I'm so proud of you!!

These kind of events are very formal, and they start
by doing honors to the flag and singing the National Anthem.
Here my husband is handing the flag
to the flag bearer.

Marching to the place of honor. These are Jr. High School girls.
Every year there are competitions to choose the "escolta"
that best marches and gives out orders.

My son with his fifth grade classmates.
I was pretty far, so these are not clear.

I love the twirling of the skirts!

One more!!

This is my son's best friend, Jennifer.

And that evening, all of my fellow teachers decided to go out to a "botaneria" to celebrate the beggining of summer vacation.
Let me explain "botanería". It's like a bar, but more family orientated. You will see kids running around if it is not too late at night. And it comes from the word "botana" which means the food served with the drinks. Peanuts and chips were the original staple, but now it is elevated to a higher goal: stuffing you till you burst. You see, with each round serverd, food from a menu is also served, and at this place we ate shrimp tacos, carnita tacos, shrimp broth, chicken flautas (a hard rolled up taco), guacamole, beef fajitas, and on and on. All of this is included in the price of the drink. These places are very popular here.
Anyway, we were supposed to be about eleven techers getting together, but for some reason (I imagine they were in a catatonic state upon realising we had vacations at last, and could not get themselves to move), only THREE of us showed up. Nevertheless, we had a good time drinking, eating, and listening to live music.....

This place is called "La Esquinita Botanera". There was a live
Norteño group.

I love this type of furniture. It is called "equipales"

Alineación al centro

There was also a live group singing pop songs
(including Michael Jackson's hits, of course).

And here are the three lonely teachers.
Profesor Palomino, Claudia, and me in the center.

We had a good time remembering funny events that happened during the school year.
Now we have a few weeks to rest and get ready for the new school year. We, teachers, go back to school on August 17, the kids one week later.
So tomorrow, I'll show you the rest of the Valle de Bravo photos.
Hope you have a good afternoon....


georgia b. said...

you seem to really enjoy your job. what adorable kids you've got there.

thank you, angie . . . for stopping by and for your prayers and encouraging words on my blog. it means so very much. really. i'm blessed to have met you through our blogs.


Angie said...

I'm also blessed, Georgia, for having met you. And I can't wait to see what goodies you will have in your etsy store.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your son and congratulations to you for getting to the end of the year. Great pic of you, you're very pretty (and look really happy).

Angie said...

Thanks, Candace. Don't know about the pretty part, but the happiness part, yep, I'm happy. Lots of tough things happen on and off, but I think there is a bright side to everything. And I wish y'all lots of happiness also!!