Thursday, July 16, 2009

Valle de Bravo III

The following pictures were taken at "El Centro" (downtown) of Valle de Bravo. Compared to other places, Valle de Bravo is actually pretty small. There are lots of trees (mostly conifers), and since it is the rainy season, it is pretty humid at the moment, with cold temperatures at night. From "El Centro" you cannot see the lake. You have to make your way through some streets to be able to see it....

One of the main streets.

An ice-cream shop overlooking the small plaza.

View from the ice-cream shop.

This is one side of the "Parroquia de San Francisco".
I like old, stone, buildings very much.

The other side of the church......

...and the front.

As everywhere in Mexico, there are many street vendors.
This small stall attracted my attention.
Inside each cup there is a ball of "chamoy".
Chamoy is hard to describe. It can come in a liquid sauce, or a think paste or ball.
It is sweet, sour, and hot (many kinds of chili).
And it has a fruit base. Most chamoys in Mexico are
made of the tamarind fruit.
The cups have a chamoy ball. Into the cup you squeeze
the juice of the lime, and add hot chili sauce.
The ball dissolves with the juice and sauce...
.....and is eaten with the spoon. Wierd, right?

Valle the Bravo is famous for its paragliding.
All day long you see these people glide over you.

A small street...

..and a lady coming from the market with her
alcatraz flowers.

Almost done with Valle de Bravo. Tomorrow some views of the camp.
Hope you're having a great day...


Anonymous said...

So many of those photos, if you did not see the cars, could have been taken hundreds of years ago (well, except there were no cameras then, of course). It looks like a place of timeless beauty. And cold nights would feel pretty good about now.

Angie said...

Places don't change much over here. Most people like to keep things the way their parents and grandparents had them, especially in small towns....