Sunday, July 19, 2009


I had posted about the unbearable heat we had a few weeks ago, but I didn't post about the rain. We had two weeks of pouring rain, where everything got nice and green, and then... it stopped! We haven't had any more rain for at least a week and a half . And that is really strange.
But although it's not raining anymore, the heat isn't that bad. There are some cool winds in the early evening that makes sleeping just perfect.
Here are is a nice snail that visited us during the rains.

Snails ought to be slowpokes...

...but this guy moved pretty fast. Before I knew it, he had dissappeared
into the flowerpot.

While it was raining, the sun was still
shining, and its rays made the raindrops shimmer.
It cannot be seen in the photo, but
my small buganvillea bush looked
like it had Christmas lights.

We didn't go swimming as planned, but we did make "carne asada" (barbeque), mmmm.

I hope your beginning of week is great...


georgia b. said...

cute little guy.

the only time i have ever seen bougainvillea was when i was visiting in california. i thought they were the most beautiful flowers. i had never seen them in 30 years of living until i went there on vacay. we don't have them out in the upper midwest.

i wish we had some heat here. it's been an unusually mild summer. in fact, it does not even feel like summer. it feels more like fall here. i'm still waiting for summer temperatures. can you send some of that heat our way?

Angie said...

I'll get on top of "my" hill and blow the heat your way..
At the moment I took the photo, the flowers had fallen. Now it has new ones. I'll post a picture today just for you, Georgia.