Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mina de Colores.

The local culture center has been giving exhibitions of artwork done by children.
So yesterday I went to an exhibition of painings done by one of my sixth grade students, Mina (Minerva). She has been taking painting clases with Profesor Palafox (the same teacher my son and I go to). She presented all her works done in the past three years.
I enjoyed the exhibition very much. It was like a grown-up thing: wine, canapes, live music.
The exhibition will go on till the 10th of August.


A lot of people came, of course half were family.
But still it was a nice crowd.

She won a state prize for this self-portrait in
a contest called "Así soy yo"
(This is Me).

With Profesor Palafox, her art teacher.

Canapés, wine, and soda for the children...

Live music...

And this is a video of the musical group at the exhibition.
I told them I would upload the video, although
it did not come out too well. I recorded
it with my camera, but there was a lot of
background noise.
Still, a promise is as promise.
The group is calle "Palabra de Vago"
which translates as "word of honor of a bum or hobo".

Have a great afternoon...


Anonymous said...

My goodness, she sure is talented for one so young (or even someone not so young). What a thrill for her to have an exhibit like that.

Angie said...

She is also a great athlete, and academicaly, she's got excellent grades!
Yes, so exciting to have one's own exhibition at such a young age.