Monday, July 20, 2009

¡Zapatos......en León!

My friend, Claudia, invited me to go buy shoes in León with two friends of hers who came from Mexico City.
León is the leather producing capital of all the Mexican Republic. Shoes, wallets, handbags, jackets, belts, you name it. Most of the products are export quality, and the prices are unbelievable.

Lots of belts.

More belts.


More shoes.

Coin purses.
The prices are in pesos.

Boots...and more belts.

Purses, handbags.
The whole city is dedicated to this trade.
So there is a lot of walking to be done
when shoe buying.

After walking so much, we decides to get some fresh fruit.
Cups full of pomgranate seeds.

Claudia had hers with lime juice,
salt and chili powder.
I had mine without the chili powder.

Pineapple slices, canteloupe, honeydew, watermelon,
papaya, and mango.
Also served with lime juice, salt, and chili powder.

And the following bounganvillea flowers are for all to enjoy, but especially for blogger
friend Georgia.
There are many different boungavillea flower colors here in Mexico.
The first two photos are from my two, very small bushes. One is a between orange and pink color, while the other is a very light peach color.
The other two were taken while driving home.

Please excuse my lack of photography technique, but I do it with all my love.
Hasta mañana.....


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day!
First buy shoes, then eat some fresh fruits and finally see beautiful bouganville.

Did you buy lots of zapatos?

Greetings from Germany

Angie said...

Welcome to my blog, Luna!
I only bought 2 pairs of shoes, two belts, and a wallet. But the girls that came from Mexico City went crazy. Each bought at least 6 pairs of shoes and many belts. To give you an idea of the prices, one of them bought a beautiful pair of boots for $460 pesos. That is equivalent to $34 American dollars. These were 1st quality boots.
I will probably go again before the summer is over...What woman can resist shoes?

Anonymous said...

Luna beat me to it, I was going to ask what you bought. I'm a purse freak myself so it's good I wasn't there.

Angie said...

Oh, Candace, you would've gone crazy!!
I'm not a purse lover, so I didn't take to many photo of them, but there were thousands (literaly) in all shapes, colors, and sizes. You've gotta come over and see for yourself!!