Sunday, July 12, 2009

Valle de bravo II

The place the kids stayed at in Valle de Bravo is called "Campamento Icaros", but most of the time we were visiting different sites near the camp like this cascade or waterfall.
It is called "Velo de Novia" (Bride's Veil). It is not a big waterfall, but the trail leading to it was beautiful. It goes along a small stream, and since it was a weekday, there was only one more person, besides my students, visiting the place. So it was really nice and quiet.
Again the photos are not the best, but I tried.

The waterfall at a distance.

The falls are not in a big open space.
It is more like in a crevice (is that word correctly used?).

A bit closer.

I could not take a picture of the waterfall without people.
The students were constantly posing in front of it.
So I only got photos like this.

There was another, smaller fall
further back from the main fall.

View from the other side. I liked this one a lot.

Some shots of the creek.

The air felt cool here.

There was lots of moss and fallen leaves.

I even got to see this guy peeking through some leaves.

This is a very nice place you should visit if you ever come this way.
Tomorrow, more stuff.
Buenas noches...

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Anonymous said...

That's some spectacular scenery. Beautiful waterfalls. Yes, crevice is correct :)