Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cerro del Cubilete.

Today, we went with some friends who are visiting from Mexico City, to the "Cristo Rey" shrine. This shrine is located about an hour from my house on the "Cerro del Cubilete" (Cubilete Hill).
Most of the road going to this place is a highway. Then the last part of the road going up is paved with stones and makes the going slow, but allows you enjoy the view. Many people from all over the country come on pilgrimage to this shrine. We counted at least a hundred tourist buses from places like Querétaro, Jalisco, Estado de México, Michoacán, which are pretty close (no more than a five hour drive) to all the way from Acapulco (at least a ten hour drive). Luckily for us, as we went up, most of the people were getting on the buses to leave. So the place wasn't as full as we feared.
The weather was great; hot, but with plenty of clouds to dissipate the sun's rays.

View from the highway.

The statue of "Cristo Rey" (Christ our King).

There were still a few people visiting.

Hubbie and son.

We live in that "general direction".

My kids enjoyong the view.

This is directly under the statue. Here Christ Eucharist is
exposed always.

All around, on the inside, there is this "Crown of Thorns".

Prayers inscribed on the marble stairs...

The Velazco family and us.

One more, from a different angle.
I enjoyed the visit very much.
It is a very special place.

One the way down there are many "fondas" (places to eat) to
service all the visitors. We decides to eat at "Doña Ofelia's Fonda".

I've had a craving for "chiles rellenos" (stuffed chilies) for some time,
and was glad to see so many.

There were many other stews. The kids sat down immediately.
No picky eaters here.

My plate was served with rice, cheese stuffed chile,
nopales salad (from a special kind of cactus), a
shrimp pattie, and goat cheese.

Hand-made tortillas.

Digging in.

After eating, we stopped further down the road
at "Santa María Reyna Temple" where the remains of
the martyrs of San Joaquin are kept.
They were martyrs from the Cristero War.
Sad events in Mexico's history.
Click here for complete information on the Cristero War.

The three maryrs were: Father José Trinidad Rangel,
Father Andrés Solá y Molist, and Leonardo Perez Larios.
They were shot by a firing squad for saying mass.
It was illigal in those days.

The bones of one of the martyrs are in this case.

The main altar.

And a beautiful sky....

A nice Saturday. Tomorrow we may go swimming.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend....

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Pretty pics, pretty place. You're on the go all the time, Angie.