Saturday, January 31, 2009


Yup, cookies. This is soo not like me!!! A friend blogger has a group called Craft;along, and they post two projects to be done every month. It is about doing things with your hands, and trying not to buy them at the store. This month's project was sewing a hoodie, and making Lemon Drop Cookies. Now sew, I like, but again not much time (I'm not complaining, just stating the facts).

Anyway, today was the deadline to finish whatever was chosen, and post it on fliker. So I decided to make the cookies. First I had to ask Kelli for information about the recipe, because I didn't know the names of stuff over here, or how to proceed for certain techniques (see how profesional I seem using interesting words?). My husband had to go out to get several things that I had forgotten. Then I had a gastritis attack, so I slept most of the afternoon. And at about 7:00 p.m. I started making the cookies.

The first batch was a disaster. I have no idea what went wrong. Second batch was more or less O.K. Third was the best. And fourth looked like latkes (jewish potato pancakes which are delicious, but have nothing to do with cookies). I finished at 10:30 and immediatly posted the photos on fliker: Mission accomplished.

But everything is O.K. I really enjoyed the challenge, and am looking forward to February's crafts.

I present to you the world famous Lemon Drop Cookies.....

Didn't look too bad while baking in the oven.

But ouside they were gooey, soft and flat.

Second batch wasn't that bad. My son helped me make them,
and said they looked more like cakes that cookies.

While waiting for the things to bake, I entertained myself taking photos
of whatever. I dared not leave cookies unattended. This is a can
of sardines in tomato paste.

Much better. These look like cookies.

On the cooling rack. These were firmer.

And the last batch. Lemon drop latkes.
Even though they looked weird, all of them tasted delicious.

So after my adventure, I wish you a good night, and hope you enjoy the game tomorrow. See ya...

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