Monday, February 2, 2009

Día de la Candelaria

Today is the day in which those who got a "baby" in the rosca de reyes on Three Kings Day (Epiphany), had to make a celebration with tamales. Also on this day, the "Baby Jesus" from the Nativity, scene is "levantado" (lifted, or put away).
Our group of friends from school who got the baby on Three Kings Day, decided to have the feast on Friday, and instead of tamales, they decided for pozole. A few brought their babies, and we had a pleasant time. And the pozole was delicious!!!

Pozole with radishes, lettuce, onions, oregano, and lots of lime juice.
In other places in Mexico they also add avocado, white cheese,
and even sardines!!

Lolis's wicked sauce made of chile de árbol.

Lolis enjoying her pozole.

Claudia and Lourdes eating their tostada with cream. Mmmm!

And the "babies".

Also, today at church, there is a ceremony to bless the candles used during the year for religious purposes.
Have a great week.

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