Friday, January 23, 2009

Lucha Libre.

Las Luchas... Wrestling.... So Mexican. Many of you will say wrestling is not Mexican, and maybe you're right. But MEXICAN wrestling is taken to a higher level....

My mother-in-law has ten children, five men, five women. My husband is the oldest. As each one reached the 50 year birthday mark, special celebrations were prepared. When it was my brother-in-law Carlos's turn (a year and a half ago), his wife, Mary, said she wanted him to have a surprise, lucha libre, birthday party. And of course, who could say no to a theme like that.

Mexican wrestling is one of speed and acrobatics. It relies more on aereal stunts than on strength, and the wrestlers have to be agile. The matches have much speed, so not many big, massive, slow wrestlers are seen. And the mystery of the mask.... ah, no one knows who's behind it. The mask gives a sense of fantasy and illusion. The wrestler is not a mere person, he is beyond that.

This was the first outing we had with Dani and Sofi. And it was hard to explain to them what Las Luchas were since they don't have this in Hungary (how can they live without it?). So we went to Mexico City for my brother-in-law's birthday, and although after the party Dani was still not able to understand very well what this was all about, we had a great time. Months later, Dani was able to go to a real match with "El Místico" wrestling.

I leave you with this wrestling adventure....

Birthday boy!
(Dig the cape)

Many well wishers.

His wife Mary came as the booker, taking bets for the matches.
Check out the gold chain, cigarrette, and fan made of money.

Everyboday had to come as a wrestler, or something related to the matches.
My husband had a surprise for the end.

Even my mother-in-law had a mask.

Children, babies, adults with wrestling fever.

Even the piñata was a wrestler.

Fernando as a beer seller.

Sofi and I also chose to go as beer sellers.

Dani with a Místico mask.

And here comes the surprise. Maybe it will not make you laugh,
but every time I see these photos, they
make me laugh uncontrolably......

My Husband... The Wrestler....
(Yes, he has underwear above black tights)
(Oh, and check out the pectorals and abs,
now you know why I married him)

My son (karate wrestler) and my husband made a sketch.
Here Karate Wrestler is daring my husband (don't remember by what
name he went by) to a match. Lot's of shouting and insulting.
The little nephews in the back wanted to fight also.
This was in the middle of the street, in front of my sister-in-law's house.

Then the action began!!!
Slapping, hitting, kicking, even bitting!!

One-on-one, to see who is the best.
Some acrobatics were involved, but I could not take photos.

It was a great party. Big and small had fun. Next 50 year old brother, Jaime, still has three years to go. Lots of time to prepare another great party...
Have a great weekend!!

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Acker said...

Al leer tu Blog me ha recorrido diferentes sentimientos. Desde la alegría de ver a los luchadores (arriba los rudos!) hasta esa nostalgia por el día de la candelaria.

Es muy bonito que puedas apreciar lo que México ofrece y que lo publiques de esta forma.

Un saludo y de nuevo gracias.