Thursday, January 1, 2009


Hope you're enjoying the first day of the New Year.
My sons ended the old year with some craft work. My oldest son is 8 years older than my youngest(19 vs. 11), but despite the age difference they get along pretty well, and have same interests, mainly MANGA (Japanese cartoons). They are constantly on the internet looking for new cartoons and stuff. Yesterday they found a site that showed how to make Geta (Japanese sandals), and they immediately got the bug for making them. Fortunately, we had enough materials, and they proceeded. It was fun watching them get excited with makeing something themselves. Ian loves to play fight with his brother, and even though Paul gets bored, he usually complies. So he thought that the Getas would make the fighting more real. Some photos of the production, and the ones afterward of them playing on "our" hill while the sun was setting for the last time in the "Old Year".

Using the Jigsaw.


Small guy helping out as "couterweight".

We have these old exercise weights which we use for
carpentry work.

Braided sholaces were used for the straps.

Almost done.

Big ones finished, small ones getting measurements done.

Side view.

He put on this Japanese robe which belonged to my dad, and decided
to represent the whole character thing.

After I told him how uncool he looked. The guy
can take criticism with a laugh.

Play fighting on the hill.

My small guy never tires.

Last sunset....of a good year.

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el dan said...

me da mucho gusto que podriamos ser parte de este ano de ustedes. Yo personalmente aprendi mucho de Mundo. Este foto deuestra muy bien como vive y disfrutta sus momentos. ambrazos