Monday, January 26, 2009

Puerto Vallarta.

Beaches are not close by from where we live, and that's something I miss from Puerto Rico. The closest one is Puerto Vallarta, and that's a seven hour drive (but for some reason it seems ten, ugh). We've been there several times. Especially a few years ago when my husband was offered a post as manager in a gym for six months. So we went there two times for fifteen days each, taking advantage of the apartment he was renting.
I like Puerto Vallarta. It's a bit different from the Caribbean, but it's nice. Since we took the car, we were able to find nice places away from the tourists (funny, because we were tourists ourselves), but you know what I mean.
We found this beach. NOBODY was there. It was obvious why. There were many rocks, and when the waves hit your feet, they banged rocks against your ankles, ouch! But we started making "balancing rock sculptures". We were there for hours, and we probably made about thirty sculptures. We got to work our patience loking for the right rocks, and get them perfectly balanced. It was adicting. Unbelievbly, we had lots of fun...I wish I were there right now.

Today starts the first most stressful weeks of the school year: getting ready for the Cultural/Science Fair Week. It's in two weeks. Again, light posting, and if you never hear from me again, you can find me at the local mental asylum, after going crazy at the Science Fair.
Please pray so I survive yet another year of this madness....
(Now you know why I especially want to be in Vallarta now.)

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