Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Día de Reyes.

After we ate our Rosca de reyes last night, we put our shoes next to the tree, so the Three Kings would leave us gifts. The first one up, of course, was Ian. After checking out the gifts, we had plans for going to some pyramids that are close by (about an hour away). But we got a phone call from Laura and Ernesto telling us that Aida and Emmanuel, some friends we hadn't seen in a long time, were in town. So they came over, and we had a good morning, remembering "old" times. They have a beautiful, 5 month old, baby girl named Emma.

Afterwards, our neighbor Naty, sent us some enchiladas.

And a while later, our other neighbors, Pepe and Lupita, invited us to eat carne asada.
So Día de Reyes was really nice day, sharing with friends.

Our shoes, ready for the Reyes Magos.

These were the gifts we recieved.

Paul got this.

My husband and I got this Sushi-making kit,
and an Indian food recipie book.

And Ian got a watercolor painting kit (he likes to paint),
and a book with short, scary, stories.

This is beautiful Emma with my husband.

Edmundo, Aida, and Laura.

Ernesto and Edmundo

Emma with her dad, Emmanuel.

These are Naty's enchiladas. They are my favorite.
Let me explain something. Most enchiladas are made
by frying the tortilla in oil, and then covering them with the
sauce (red, green, mole, etc.). But these are made the
other way around, first the tortilla in soaked in a watery,
red sauce made only with chiles, and then fried. They are stuffed
with cooked carrots and potatoes, and topped with lettuce,
onions, and ranch (fresh crumbly) cheese. Paradise!!!

Then with Pepe and Lupita.
(yes Dani, we ate again)

Bistec and chorizo.

Gonzalo, Pepe an Lupita's son, helping with the cooking.

Salsa verde made in a molcajete. This is a volcanic, stone
mortar and pestle tool.

And this is Stefanie, their youngest daughter. Many friends
and babies today. A very nice day.

How was your day?

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el dan said...

ayyyyaaaayyyyyyyy Angie!

si. me gustan tambien estos dias... Las enchilladas me quieres matar con estos fotos... y chorizo y todo. Saludame a Naty y tus otros besinos, todavia recuerdo su chilaquiles y carne asada...