Saturday, January 10, 2009

Prismas Basálticos de San Miguel Regla.

These photos are from another trip made by my brother-in-law, Carlos. This time he went to the state of Hidalgo. It is also pretty close to Mexico City. These baslatic rock formations are at the bottom of a ravine. The ravine is called Santa María Regla. They were supposedly formed when millions of years ago, lava from an eruption cooled very quickly as it was flowing down the cliff. The tallest of these formations is about 30 meters, and Baron Alexander Von Humbolt (1769-1859) who traveled and lived in Mexico, was so impressed by these formations he made pencil sketches in 1803, which are exhibited in a London museum. There are four waterfalls that are fed by the San Antonio Regla dam.

Near these formations there is a Vacational Center that includes camping grounds, reastaurants, sports fields, and swimming pools.

The formations are incredible.

View from a wood and rope bridge that connects both sides of
the ravine.

My brother-in-law with family and friends who went with him.

The cliff.

Carlos .

My husband's nephew Angel.
Cool shot.

This a view of the bottom.

If you are ever in Mexico City, don't just limit your trip to the city itself. There are plenty of places, just an hour away, worth visiting.

By the way, did you see the moon tonight?

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