Sunday, January 4, 2009

Getting ready for Día de Reyes.

The Christmas season is not over yet. In Mexico it ends with "Día de Reyes" (Epiphany). On January 6 the Three Kings from Orient will bring kids their gifts. The previous night, millions of Mexican children will write them a letter asking for toys, dolls, or whatever. They will tie the letter to a helium balloon, and let it go. At home they will leave some fresh grass for the King's animals, and put a shoe next to the Christmas tree.
Here where we live, every year there is a parade on the evening of the 5th. It depicts the whole Nativity miracle, and at the end, the Three Kings come on their horses, and the kids let go of their balloons. Afterwards, everybody goes home to eat "Rosca de Reyes"(will post all this tomorrow).
Stores and markets are still selling toys. A custom here, especially in Mexico city, is to wait till the kids are asleep on the 5th, and near midnight go out to the many street markets to buy the toys. It is really crazy. The first year I was here, we went with my sister- in-law, Elba, and her husband, Mario, to buy their kids' gifts. There were hundreds on people buying, eating, and shouting for better prices. Despite the craziness of it, I like it a lotl.
The following pictures show a "tianguis" that first sold Christmas decorations, and now is full of toys for Día de Reyes.

There are not many people yet. Tomorrow it will be
imposible to walk here.

Toy piñatas, doll carriges, and baby Jesus for next year's Nativity.

Lucha Libre masks. Almost every Mexican kid has
dreamt of having one.

Typical wooden toys from Michoacán.

Trucks, candies, dolls, tea sets. Tomorrow it will all be gone.

Well, our resting days are almost over. I oficially go back to work
on the 7th, but I have to go tomorrow to get my
classroom bulletin board decorated.
So time to kick off the sandals, and put on shoes.

Good night!!

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