Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mercadito de Guerrero.

Guerrero (street name) market is a market with a "tianguis" attached to it. A "tianguis is a sort of market on wheels. Everything is put up in the morning and taken down in the afternoon. Most tiangus will be put up in different parts of the town once a week, and they are put on a whole street which is closed for that day, or like in Mexico City, ten streets. But this tianguis is semi-permanant. They put up and take down every day, but on the same street. I don't buy most of my groceries here since I go to central de abastos for my stuff (it's a bit cheaper there). I go here to buy clothes (and I didn't take pictures of that part of the market!)
Most of the clothes sold here are second hand, but most are really brand new. It's called "ropa de paca", because they bring them tied up in huge packs. And it's very cheap.
Anyway, I'm going back next week, and I'll take the missing pictures. In the meantime I'll leave you with pictures of the other things sold in the tianguis.

Lentejas, frijoles, huevos (eggs).

Chayote, (don't know the name in english), calabazita (zucchini),
apio (celery), betabel (beets).
Most of this stuff is grown nearby since
most of the state has great planting land.

Lots of cilantro.

Dried plants for teas. They are for curing illnesses.

Diabates, anemia, epilepsy, asthma, cough, almost any
medical condition. I have a friend with diabetes and she
controls her condition with these teas.

More vegetables.

Wooden spoons, tortilla makers, spatulas, rollers for massage.
All of this probably comes from Michoacán.

I loved this couple.
I was so intent on taking their picture,
I forgot to ask what they were selling.
I was some kind of dried root.

And cereal. Fruit Loops, Corn Puffs,
Corn Flakes, Bran Flakes, Choco Puffs, all
sold by weight.

Hope you enjoyed the tianguis. And I hope you are enjoying your weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun and colorful place--maybe something like our Farmer's Markets here. Some of the bigger ones sell things other than food.

It's fun to learn more about your country through your blog.

Angie said...

I'm glad you like stopping by!!