Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Guess I'm all excited by spring. And although these babies bloom all year long, they get more intense as the weather gets warmer. These are two plants I've have for some time. My dad gave me one (the reddish) about twelve years ago, before he passed away. The other one is about seven years old and was given by a neighbor before she moved to another state. They are in pots, so they don't grow big. My garden is really minuscule, and they would take up all the space if I planted them in the ground.

The typical bougainvillea is of an intense purple color. Here they are grown in many places including the space between streets and avenues. Will post some more photos later.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely. We do have the typical bougainvillea here in AZ but I don't know about the other types. If I've seen it, I didn't recognize it as such. I've always wanted a bougainvillea, the reddish purple one--it would look nice against my tannish, peach-colored house. One of these days...