Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Stamps. There is this fabulous blog I've been following for a while. It's an art blog, and in it Geninne has a tutorial on how to make your own stamps with erasers. I've fallen in love with those stamps. Only one problem, I can't get the carving tools here. My sister-in-law is going to try and find them in Mexico City (cross your fingers).
So with no carving tools, no stamps. But I was getting impacient, and wanted to do something, tools or no tools. So I got some foamy, a thick kind of recycled foam sheet use for making decorations, and drew a pattern (an almost copy of one of Geninne's, but hey, I was experimenting). I traced it onto the foamy, and cut it out with scissors and an exacto (kind of difficult). Also with the exacto I made some marks on the surface. I put it on a stamp cushion , and voilá. It came out pretty good!!! So my students started to get excited, and wanted to do the same. In a few minutes I had a whole bunch of kids cutting like crazy.
Some stuff isn't too bad. Some is pretty good. Again I got them excited on creating. Check it out.

These are my stamps (with inspiration from Geninne).

These are my student's (girls) stamps. We also experimented
using tempra paint. We didn't like the results too much.

Initials and flowers.

I like this fish a lot.

And this was made by a boy.
All the boys were making initials and signs.
But he made this. I think it came out pretty good.
Can't go wrong with Star Wars.

Now I can't wail till my sister-in-law (Yaz) informs me of her search. And you can go to Geninne's site and check out her cool creations.
Let you know if Yaz finds the stuff. Bye for now...


Anonymous said...

Those are really nice stamps--one other thing I've never had the patience to do--but I know a lot of mailartists who carve their own stamps.

And that art blog is really cool-I've bookmarked it to read regularly. Thanks for the tip!

Zsófi said...

Hola Angie!!!I will make these stamps, and decorate the bedroo wall.
Only i do not know if I can get the foamy here....I'll see. loveyou