Sunday, March 1, 2009


Toto, I think we're not in Mexico any more!!

No, I'm not in Austria. These photos were sent by our very good (great) Hungarian friends, Sofi and Dani. They lived here in Mexico for one year, and went back to Budapest in August '08. Today they sent me these pictures they took of their skiing trip, last week, in Lachtal, Austria.
I miss them so much, I decided to post their photos. You see, they are such wonderful people, that I want to share them with everyone!!!

Sofi on the ski lift.

Dani before.....

.....Dani after!!

Yes, Sofi, I love you that much also!!!

What a beautiful view.

Hope all of you had a wonderful Sunday, and are ready for a great week!!!


el dan said...


I didn't relize you were going to put them into YOUR blog, but it's great, thank you!
We love you too!
muchos besos

African Kelli said...

ha! looks like so much fun, but I'd take Mexico instead.