Sunday, November 23, 2008


Almost every weekend my husband goes to the "Central de Abasto " to buy the groceries for the week. This place is a central where vegetables, fruit, meat, and anything is brought so people who own restaurants, small stores, fruit and vegetables stands, etc. can get it wholesale at a better price. But many stands sell retail also. We come here because it's much cheaper, and fresher than at the supermarket. My two kids and husband eat like 20, so it's better for our economy too. We go to a stand that belongs to a good friend of Edmundo's. His name is Aurelio, and he works EVERY DAY. Most of these people here work very hard because they make a living from this. This Sunday we all went with Edmundo, and here are the pictures.

This is an example of the stands. The one with the big foot
sells "botanas"- potato chips, peanuts, corn chips, totopos,
thing like that for parties. The yellow sign sells fresh
potatoes (papas).

Here you can see an avocado stand (right), and a stationery (school supplies) stand.
This place is big. But nothing compared to the Central de Abastos in Mexico City.
Over there you can get lost, literally.

This is Aurelio next to the bananas.

Aurelio and Edmundo talking about Futbol Soccer.

Dried chiles, jalapeño chiles, serrano chiles, everything in Mexico has chile.

Tangerine, canteeloupe, apples, you name it. My kids can eat 3 kg. of apples
in half a week. As a matter of fact, they finished off about 5 apples
before we got home.

Lots of tomatos. Nothing goes to waste. The very ripe ones are sold cheaper
and lots of people buy them, for example me. They don't last long enough in
my fridge to be able to spoil anyway.

Prickly pears. A fruit from the cactus.

Lemons (limes in the U.S.). Mexico is the biggest consumer of lemons in the WORLD.
They use it for EVERYTHING. Somtimes they say they even put.
lemon juice on the LEMONS.

This is the stand next to Aurelio's. Brooms, mops, buckets, soap,
shopping bags, the list can go on.

Sofi, Aurelio says hi to you and Dani!!

Playing with beans. No Mexican kid can go to the market and NOT play
with the beans!!

A lady had this little rabbit, and Ian asked to hold it a while.

As we left, we bought some glove from this man. Although the
afternoon was pretty warm, the mornings and evening get really
cold (at least for us).

Some stalls getting ready for the Christmas season with piñatas
for the Posadas. Will explain next week.

And the Christmas season can't start if the house isn't
decorated with "Nochebuenas"-Ponssiettas. You know it's Christmas
when you see these flowers.

Time to hit the sack-Dad used to say that a lot. Funny how I just remembered that. I miss him. O.K. my dear Mom, brothers, and rest of the family, have a great week.

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el dan said...

me saludas a Aurelio porfavor!
la mamacita y yo
me gusta tu blog Angie hay que visitar mas frequente, porque hoy no tuvo tiempo a leer todo lo que falto. besos a toda la familia