Wednesday, March 4, 2009


You know spring has arrived because the Jacaranda trees (pronounce the J as an H) are blooming. "Spring" means temperatures like the one we had last Saturday-30°celcius. It's starting to get really hot, and the Jacaranda starts flowering like crazy. These are one of the very few trees that loose most of their leaves during "winter".

As you drive along the streets and avenues, you see expolsions of purple color here and there between other trees. These trees grow pretty tall. The flowers fall pretty quickly, and the floor all around them turns into a beautiful purple carpet.

Enjoy them while they last.

My Aunt Irma had eyes the color of these flowers.......beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Oh, jacarandas are sooooo beautiful! We have them here but none in my neighborhood so I'm not sure but I don't think the ones here would have bloomed yet. Our days have been in the 80s the last week but going back down to the 70s. But every year, when I see the first one of the season, it's such a surprise and shock to see something so gorgeous. They're almost unreal. Thanks for reminding me...when I see some in a month or 2, I hope I have my camera with me. Lovely shots!

Angie said...

I also think they came out pretty good. Except for the power lines, and the tower, and the smudge on the lens, and....Didn't notice all that when I took the photo. But, yes, they came out pretty good!