Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ya casi se acaban las clases.

School is almost over. Our school goes from kindergarten to high school. The high school students have finished their clases and are now in their final exams. So one Friday, when they didn't have exams, some decided to come to school.....on horse! Some of these students are "rancheros" (on a high scale-cows, pigs, chicken), and some are charros (a type or rodeo cowboy, but with fancy dress-they look very handsome, by the way). In both cases, they have their own horses.
Living in a state that produces a lot of vegetables for the whole country, ranchers are considered very important people. And the sport of charrería is also considered very cool. You can imagine how all the elementary school kids swarmed around them to touch the horses and ask questions So here are photos of two students who took their horses to school. They let them graze next to the soccer field....

Grazing next to the soccer field.

The Charro.

The Rancher.

Both these guys are good kids. They are hard workers, always helping in their family's business. The charro was my student in 6th grade. And now he's going to University. Makes me feel old, but proud.
I wish them lots of luck in a new stage in their lives. And I know they are going to do great in it.
Have a great evening...

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