Friday, June 26, 2009


As I've stated before, we have finished with all the academic work at school, and the report cards have been given out, but because of the influenza bout, we still have two and a half weeks left of school.
So here we are (teachers), going crazy about what to do with the students. Fortunately, a physical education teacher, here at school, knows how to do clay modeling. So she stepped in to the rescue of a few hysterical teachers.
She brings all the material needed for a very low price, and explains a very simple but entertaining procedure for making clay figures. These figures do not have to be baked, and the whole thing from start to end took three days (yipee!).
The photos show both girls and boys making their figures.

The teacher uses some foamy templates for
one of the figures chosen by the girls.

After outlining the figure,
it was "cut" with toothpicks.

Using small pieces of clay for the crown.

Using the toothpick again, the rest of the "drawing" was made,
and a little crown was attached.
This is going to be a small "Virgen de Guadalupe".

The girls also decided to make a picture frame.
Here they are "kneading" the clay.

Attaching the borders to the frame.

The boys were going to make some cute bunny
piggy banks...

....but they started getting "creative", and designed some
crazy creatures.

After having completed the design,
the girls started to apply white glue to different parts.
What for, you may ask?

Well, for the GLITTER, of course.
Because, what 12 year old girl in her right mind
does not LOVE glitter?

Oh, I forgot, what 12 year old Girl or Boy in their
right mind doesn't love GLITTER?
(Yes, the boys liked it also.)

The pig still needed to have the eyes pasted on.

This is one of the "Virgen the Guadalupe"made
and decorated by the girls.

Here's another one.

One of the picture frames.
Nice and sparkly, don't you think?

The students really enjoyed this activity, and got to develop their creativity.
We have been making more stuff I will share with you tomorrow.
Do you have any ideas for fast, easy, and cheap crafts for 6th graders? If you do, let me know. I will be thankful forever.
Good night!


Anonymous said...

Well, at least you got to learn a new craft, too! I especially like the Virgen figures.

Angie said...

Yes,I really enjoyed this craft. And the teacher has a lot of patience. I'll post a photo of my Virgin so you see how it came out.

georgia b. said...


i wish i had some good ideas for you. i should ask my sister. she went to school to be a teacher {third grade, though}. she is not teaching now, but i know she would have ideas. {her name is angie, too.}

i like your little story board post on the craft time. :)

Angie said...

Thanks, Georgia.