Thursday, June 18, 2009

Se fueron las Jacarandas, llegaron los Tabachines.

When spring started, Jacaranda trees stared to bloom like crazy with their purple flowers . Well, they're all gone now. In their place, Tabachines have made their appearance filling the space with bright red flowers. Many parts of town have these trees that are appropiate with the red hot weather we are living.
Although we do not have marked seasons here (cold winters, cool springs, etc.), we do have different trees and flowers that bloom at certain times of the year marking each period with a special color or form.
So here is the Tabachin...

These trees grow to a considerable height.

The streets below get covered with a beautiful red rug.

In Puerto Rico these trees are called Flamboyán. The
name comes from flame (fire).

And I end this post with the view from my school.
The vegetation is still gray and brown, but once the rain starts,
in less than two weeks it will turn into a luxuriant green.

We really need the rain. Everything is wilting, even the people. Any day now, the rain season will start with a boom (thunder), and then we will have lots rain and even flooding.
Yes, this is a country of extremes.
Have a good night.


georgia b. said...

your view is amazing!

it's starting to get hot here, too. today was hot AND humid. somehow we always go right from cool to hot here in chicago. we never get a nice long season of mild perfect temps. :(

Anonymous said...

Interesting, I don't believe I've seen that red tree here in AZ. And we need rain, too, but I really don't like the summer rainy season at all ("monsoons" as we refer to them here). They're such violent storms and then there's all that humidity and I worry about all the poor outdoor cats...But the rain is a good thing and always needed in the desert :)