Monday, June 8, 2009


Mexico has an incredible variety of dishes, which change from region to region. Today I will show you how the tostadas are prepared in the Bajío region. The tostada is a crisp tortilla which is topped with an incredible amount of things.
Two weeks ago, some of us teachers decided to go eat tostadas after school. This place specializes in seafood and fish. Almost every tostada is served with avocado, mmmm.
Here are the photos..

Lilí and Montserrat laughing at a joke.

Gina, Margarita, and a small piece of Lety.

I wonder what Mari Pili is thinking about.

Agueda and Mari Pili waiting for their order.

This is the menu.
The restaurant is called "El Aguacate".

And these are the bottled sauces for the tostadas.
They are all made with habanero chili. This chile
is extrememly hot. It ranges in color from yellow to orange.
Each sauce is different because it is either prepared with
lemon or orange juice, and also natural.
They are delicious.
Lolis is peeking behind the salsas.

First tostadas. These are prepared with ceviche.
Ceviche is raw fish "cooked" with lime juice. Onion, green chile,
and cilantro (corriander leaves) is added.

Second tostadas. Tuna fish salad. Prepared more or less the same
as in the U.S.- onion, tomato, mayo.

Third tostadas. These are mine. I ordered ceviche (right),
and avocado with shredded cabbage, tomato, onion,
and cilantro on the left.

Last but not least, Lety asked for a shrimp cocktail.
Cooked shrimp served with avocado, onion, tomato, cilantro,
and a sauce prepared with orange and lime juice
mixed with tomato sauce and Catsup.

It was a good moment to relax after the hectic weeks we've been having. And we still have one more intense week to go (because of the final exams). Then starting on Monday, we still have class till the 1oth of July. Does it make sense to you? I mean final exams end on Friday. Who would want to keep on going to school, if nothing counts? All of this because of the influenza thing. About 80 % of the students have already told us they will not be coming to school after Friday. So we will be working with about 5 or 6 students for the next three weeks.
Well, whatever, we will continue teaching any students who comes.
Hope your beginning of week was good.
Que tengan Buenas Noches....


Anonymous said...

Looks yummy! Well, the veggie parts anyway (as I don't eat meat).

I see that the teachers wear uniforms? Interesting.

Angie said...

Most schools have their teachers wear uniforms. Even most public school teachers do it too. It's much cheaper, and less time consuming in the morning. All we do is use a different color blouse for each day. Very easy.
If you ever come, I'll make you some soy protein ceviche. It is really delicious. My family loves it, and it's very easy and cheap to make. As a matter of fact, if I make some soon, I'll photograph the process and put it here.