Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Guess I'll continue with the food theme. About two weekends ago, we went with a friend of my husband to eat huaraches. Now, there is a technical problem here with this dish. The thing is that the Irapuato huarache only looks a bit like the Mexico City huarache. The Mexico City huarache is fried with plenty of oil, and served with a huge beef steak, while the huarache here is more like a big quesadilla with different fillings.
The huge tortilla is put on a hot comal (something like a flat griddle) with a minimum of oil. Lots of cheese is put on the surface, and then the filling (different stews). At last it is folded so the cheese melts, and is served with an avocado wedge and a roasted jajapeño pepper. Oh, how my mouth waters at the thought of it!!
So here goes..

The fiilings are cooked in these earthenware dishes.
You can see the comal where the jalapeños are roasted,
and the raw tortilla is cooked.

All those roasting jalapeños smell delicious.
You can see two filling: pork in green tomatillo sauce,
and ground beef in pasilla sauce.

Tossing and turning the chiles so they don't burn.

Throwing the handmade tortilla on the comal.

Once one side is done, it is turned over.
On the right you can see a no-meat filling:
rajas con crema (poblano pepper strips stewed with
onions, and corn kernels, then bathed in sour cream.

Here the cheese and half of the stew has been added.
You can ask for two fillings.
Another no-meat stew is mushrooms
with chile ancho, tomatoes, and onions.

My husband and his friend Marco waiting for their huaraches.
Yes, I wrote huaraches in plural beacuse each ate two.

Here is the huarache, cut in thirds, with its avocado and chile.
Oh, I forgot to mention the lime.
Remember, in Mexico everything is eaten with lime juice.

And if the chile the stew has, and the jalapeño pepper
isn't hot enough for you, you can always add a very hot red sauce as
seen in the background.
This is my huarache: Rajas con crema on the left,
and chicharrón en salsa roja (pork rind stewed in red sauce)
to the right.

I'm getting hungry, so I better stop writing.
¿Buenas noches y hasta mañana!

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Yum, and particularly the vegetarian ones, of course.