Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Long time no post...again!!

Hello again!! I have to stop this habit of coming back from hiatus, just to do it again..... Anyway, I'm back but not in Puerto Rico anymore. I was there for almost 3 years in which I held 2 jobs. One was as a Kindergarten English teacher (boy, was that TOUGH!!), and then worked as a Sales Representative for a shipping company with offices in Newark, Chicago, LosAngeles, Jacksonville, and Miami. I enjoyed that job very much! In both jobs I made really great friends. And now, well, while I was in Puerto Rico, I was offered a job in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, as a Spanish Medical Interpreter at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. I've been here for the last year and a half and it has been a great experience!! I never in my life even thought I could hold a job like this, but apparently being an English AND Science teacher in Mexico gave me great bases to do this today...It has been a rewarding job, helping patients who do not speak English and Doctors who do not speack Spanish, understand each other! I work throughout the whole hospital, including clinics, therapy, emergency department, etc!! An incredible experience!! So now I am debating....keep writing about Norh Carolina in THIS blog or have a new one....? I know many followers are mostly interested in Mexico's culture..but I hope you will continue following me in this new adventure. I will try not to be away long while I decide what to do..In the meantime, some photos of my adventures here.....

Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Winston Salem, N.C.
On my way to work on 421, Winston Salem, N.C
Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.
BB&T Baseball Park, Winston-Salem, N.C.
Charlotte, N.C.
Pumpkin patch, Kernersville, N.C.
Reynolda Road, Winston Salem, N.C.
Grandfather Mountain, N.C.
Grandfather Mountain, N.C.

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Bryan Woodhall said...

So I joined quite awhile ago hoping for awesome recipes and stories ! Glad you are back. Great photos. Hope you start blogging again. I also write a little. http://dakotagypsy.blogspot.com
Thanks for sharing ..
Dakota Gypsy