Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Retiro Adviento.

Advent mini-retreat.
As I've written before, I work at a Catholic school, and I've also mentioned that 90% of the festivities here in Mexico have to do with religion.
So yesterday afternoon was the teacher's Advent mini retreat and I wanted to share some photos with you. The retreat was downtown at some very pretty grounds. Until I got there, I hadn't really felt very "Christmasy", that is until I saw these beautiful Poinsettias. The awesome redness of these plants really got to me. These flowers (though they really are not flowers) represent Christmas in Mexico.
So these are a few photos I took at the grounds where the retreat was celebrated.

The afternoon was cloudy, but still, the plant's
color stood out.

A bit closer.....

Here are the blant in both it's variations, white and red.

I like the way this pot looks next to the plants.

Inside the chapel, there is this beautiful sculpture.
It was made by one of my fellow teacher's sister.
She is a famous sculpture here in Mexico.

Close up of the white ponsettias.

This is what today looked like from my school.
There is a cold front that had the northern
state of Chihuahua get covered with snow.
We only had some unusual cold temperature for us
with lots of wind and rain.
Now how's that for a real "Christmasy" felling?

The retreat was great, with lots of reflection. I liked it.

And since it's December 1st, I'll give you some more "Christmasy" feelings.
A while ago I found this great Christmas blog called "Gingerbread Snowflakes". It's author, Pam and I have become blogger friends, and she has linked her blog to mine during the season. I am really grateful to her for doing me this honor. She will be linking to my posts about Chrismas traditions and celebrations in Mexico. Go over to her place so you can see the wonderful things she makes and blogs about related to this wonderful season. I really hope you enjoy this adventure. And to celebreate this friendship, I will be having a giveaway. Just keep popping in, beacuse I will soon announce the gifts (Mexican stuff, of course).

So happy 1st of December, and may we all have a great Christmas.
Hasta pronto......


Anonymous said...

Your poinsettias look prettier there. Very nice retreat.

Angie said...

Yes, we really enjoy it. And it does help with the stress by focusing on the spiritual side of Christmas.