Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The Nativity Scenes or Creche.

In almost all Mexican houses you will find a Nacimiento under the Christmas tree. If the family is poor, and there is no money for a tree there wil still be a Nacimiento.

The typical Nacimiento is put together little by little. First the family will get the main characters: Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the tree Kings. And each year they will add other characters depending on their economic possibilities: cows, hens, donkeys, etc. All these pieces are bought at the market. There are so many figures in so many sizes. Some are very elaborate like ranchers milking cows, and pastors heating food on an open fire.

Two weekends ago we went to a Baptism celebration at the town of Abasolo. In front of the small church were many stalls selling Christmas tree decorations, but mostly figures for the Nacimiento. Here are the photos, and at the end are the winners of the giveaway...
(Click on the photos to see them bigger)

This is the altar of the church where
the baptism was celebrated.

The church was not very big, but I liked
the altar very much.

Here are some decorations for Christmas trees.

Lots of shiny stuff...

And here are the stalls. In front of the stall
are boxes with different types of paper.
The paper is not for gifts, it's for the nacimineto,
the blue paper is for the sky and the redish ones
are for constructing rocks and caves
around the birthplace.

There are small submergible pumps used for
making rivers and waterfalls.

Palm trees and bushes.

Cactus, oxen, pastors...

Sheep, pigs, hens, ducks, geese....

Water bearers, jar sellers...

More water bearers, sheep, donkeys...

A milkman, milking his cow.

A wooden cart with earthenware jugs...

A vegetable vendor...

The devil cannot be left out
with a bag of money showing avarice..

Some turkeys...

I like the cactuses behind this
woman selling baskets and jugs.

A fisherman at a creek...

More rock paper....

Shooting stars to show the way to the newborn King...

...and, of course, Baby Jesus.
In all sizes.
In most nacimientos the baby is put
in his place at midnight on the 24th.

Here is a big Nacimineto in one of our
town's Churches.

As you can see, the place for the Baby
is empty.

The Baby will be put in his place
during Midnight Mass on the 24th.

Now for the giveaway.
I want to thank everyone for all the beautiful comments recieved. I loved all the memories you shared. I really enjoyed reading them.

Now the hard part, hard because I'd love to send everyone a gift but only have four to give.

Since we spent part of the day driving to Mexico City to spend Christmas with my husband's family, I decided to have the winners chosen the old-fashinod way. I wrote the names on pieces of paper and had my mother-in-law and sister-in-law pick out the lucky numbers.....

The slips of paper in a ceramic
basket my sister-in-law painted.

Picking the winners.

Barkley's Mommy
and IndyPoppy.

I will be sending them from my hometown
next week. Please send me your e-mail
so I can get in contact with you and get your addresses.

Thanks again to all of you, and thank you Pam for connecting me with your blog.
Take care, and I'll be back soon to post some photos of Mexico City.
Hasta Pronto....


Anonymous said...

Angie - what a delight to visit the market with you and see all the many, many different figures available for the Nacimientos. I had no idea the figures were so varied in subject and design.

And thank you so much for sharing the images of the church altar. Breathtakingly beautiful. And I loved seeing that sweet little child being carried by her Dad, all dressed in white looking like an angel.

And congratulations to the giveaway winners! I just know they will love their gifts. Your method of name selection was perfect!

Feliz Navidad to you and your children, and to your husband and his family. I wish you much joy as you share the holiday together.

ladybegood said...

Angie, these figures are just lovely. What are they made of? carved wood? paper mache? plaster? ceramic? And who makes them? The vendor? Local artisans? Maybe it is a village craft? They look beautifully hand made. Thanks for sharing the photos. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Angie said...

I'm glad you liked the post, and thanks for the comments.
The figures are made of plaster. I really don't know in what part of Mexico they are made, but they are made here. I'll investigate.
Some Nacimientos that are being sold in supermarkets and chain stores are made in China. The only places you can get the typical ones are in markets.
Merry Christmas to all!

Anonymous said...

Feliz Navidad, Angie! I'll answer your email soon--I got caught up in Christmas preparations.

Very interesting post about the Nacimientos.