Saturday, December 5, 2009


I will post about the real posadas whan they get near (Dec.16), these are the previous celebrations.

Some of us teachers decided to get together and have a small pre-posada. You see, once the real posadas start, we will probably have little time to get together and celebrate our friendship as the end of the year nears. We had it a Margarita's house. The menu was tostadas with Chicken Tinga and Cochinita Pibil.

-Chicken Tinga (couldn't find a tinga link, so put a Mexican cuisine link) is cooked, pulled chicken, lots of sliced, sauteed white onions, and a tomato sauce made with chipotle chile (dried, smoked jalapeño chile-has a very rich, smoky taste). This dish is from central Mexico.

-Cochinita Pibil is cooked, pulled pork, cooked in a sauce made with an acid orange juice, and condimented with achiote (annato). This dish is from the Mexican Southeast (Yucatán Peninsula-Merida, Can-Cun area).
It is served with chopped purple onions and habanero chile (very, VERY hot) in vinegar with a bit of oregano.
Both can be eaten with tortilla or tostadas.

-Desert- a Nuttela braid with almonds and nuts-mmmm.

Afterwards a bit of Karaoke with Banda songs (I mean, we're in Mexico, right?).
We had a nice time, here are the pics...

Margarita has an inner patio with her birds and
some plants. And of course, a statue of
La Virgen de Guadalupe.

You can see the tostadas and the meats.
Some refried beans at the back. No Mexican
food is complete without beans.

This is the Cochinita Pibil. It was in the afternoon,
and nice, warm sunshine was streaming in.

And this is the Tinga. You can see the onion slices.

Here is the purple onion and habanero chile.
Margarita dices it really nices and small.
They are cured in "sugar cane" vinegar.

Nuttela braid. Our friend, Mari Pili, makes them.

And of course, some Tequila. This brand is called "Quita Penas".
Roughly tranlates to "To take away your sufferings".

Ready to eat.

Montserrat and Lili.


Fooling aroud with the Karaoke...
Claudia, Lolis, and Claudia's mom.

And me... I had started feeling bad in the morning.
By this time I was pretty sick- a head cold,
sore throat, puffy eyes, and cough.
But I enjoyed being there with my friends.

Pretty soon the real "partying" starts. Will try to post all the posadas I can, and on the 12th, the celebration of La Virgen de Guadalupe.
And I will probably post the Giveaway on the 12th also, so don't forget to vist.....


sofia's sketchbook said...

awwww the food look so delicious!!!!
you girls had a little party going on.....

Angie said...

Yep, Sofia, and we`re just warming up, hahaha! Lot`s of parties here during this time of year.....

Anonymous said...

Never heard before about this posada tradition. Found it on Wikipedia. Sounds like a very nice tradition and I´m looking forward to your report about your posadas.
In Germany there is nothing comparable I think.
On Dec. 6th we celebrate St. Nicholas Day. Do you know that in Mexico?