Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Navitiy Scenes.

Here in Mexico, almost everybody decorates their house with a Nativity scene.

At school, the 5th grade girls had to make a Nacimiento with whatever they wanted. It was really exciting to see these girls' creations. They used many materials- clay, funny foam, seeds, candy, marshmellows, even peanuts!

Take a look at some of some of their creations.

Clay and cotton.

Funny foam.

More clay.


This clay model was very well made.

Look at the detail in the faces.

This was made with upside down plastic dessert cups.

The bodies were full of glitter.
Look at this King (I think they are calld Magi in the U.S.).


Love these marshmellow cows.

This is one of my favorites. The bodies are made with corn
on the cob.

The Baby's bed was covered
with sunflower seeds.

More corn people. The floor is covered
with a very small seed called chía (it belongs to the
flax family).

Corn King.

But this is my favorite.
It is accomodated inside a Kleenex box.

It's made out of peanuts!
This is a King with his "gold" turban.

And how about the Holy Family?
I really liked this one.

Nacimiento Competitions are made in many cities here. They choose the most original, the biggest, the smallest, Nacimientos with recycled material, etc. This tradition is very important.
Hope you liked this little exhibition.

Soon I will post about a bigger Nacimiento at a friend's house.

Buenas noches.....


Anonymous said...

I love your little exhibition.
What funny ideas the girls had!

Anonymous said...

My goodness, those are really good. I don't think I could have done near as well, even now. Very talented young girls.

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

AWW! These are fantastic! I love the corn cobs!!!

Angie said...

Yes, I also think these creative girls made some nice and fun things!