Saturday, May 2, 2009

De Rusia con Amor...

From Russia with Love..... This recipie, that is.
Found it in this Russian Blog via Curbly.
Thought it would be fun.
Follow the steps.

First you cut up some hotdogs (O.K. I know some people
gross out with hotdogs, so sorry), and open a package
of spaghetti. Pretty simple, uh?

Then spear the pieces of dog with
the spaghetti. I snapped the spaghetti in half
so the pieces would be shorter.

Here are the speared hotdog pieces waiting
for a hot bath!

Arggg! That water is too hot!

Oooh, but feel those muscles loosen....

Done!! The spaghetti is al dente. Now a delicious sauce.
(I like how they look, kinda funny and interesting)

Mushroon, onion, garlic, pimiento, chilli, tomato (whew)
sauce, covered with parmesano chesse and dried basil
from my garden.
Not a gourmet recipie, but my guys loved it!!

The name? Some call them spaghetti laced dogs, other pasta dogs.
I'll call them Hot Dogs from Outer Space.
Have a great weekend!!


Anonymous said...

They're definitely unusual-looking. Everything sounds yummy--but the hot dogs, the key ingredient--I've been a vegetarian for about 20 years :)

Angie said...

In the Curbly link they recommend these: Tofurky Chipotle Franks by Turtle Island or SoyBoy NotDogs. I've never tried them (no such things here) so I don't know how they would taste.
Mom has been a vegetarian for 30 years, but I've had a hard time converting. We have our "vegetarianism" periods, but we always succumb to the "evils" of meat in the end.