Thursday, November 20, 2008

San Judas Tadeo

October and November were months filled with activities. I'll be posting some of these events which my family and I enjoyed very much. First we went to a small ranch in the state of Michoacán which belongs to my good friend Adriana and her family. Every year they celebrate the feast of St Jude (San Judas Tadeo) which is in October. The ranch has two small adobe (real) cottages, and a small shrine for San Judas. The family prepares lots of food for everyone who was invited for the weekend, and anyone from the pueblito who arrived to pray to San Judas. We sang songs, played games, and at night there was a fireworks display. No T.V. phones, or Internet makes it a real nice weekend.

This is the "main" cottage with it's potted plants.

My friend Adriana and her mom, Leonor, making some noodle soup
in an earthenware pot on the open fire.

This is the inside of the shrine with the statue of San Judas .

My son and husband took the time to catch up on their chess.

At this moment, the noodle soup was taken inside the house and in its place Mole
was put on the fire.
Afterwards it was served over cooked chicken and the soup.
Adriana, Norma, Lolis and Andrea are supervising!!

After eating, all the kids (including my 19 year old!) jumped rope in every
imaginable way. That's my youngest son in the photo.

As soon as it was dark, the fireworks began!

After the fireworks, plenty of hot dog and marshmellow roasting.

More roasting and card playing. By then the temperature
had dropped, and it would continue getting colder.

All who were invited. We had to take our camping tent because of so many people,
and it was freezing at night. Oh, and my husband forgot to bring the blankets.

On our way home, we passed many marigold and "velvet"
flower fields. These were for the coming "Dia de Muertos" celebration.

We have been going to this celebration for approximately eight years. And we continue to enjoy it so much. Thanks, Adriana, for inviting us and for your friendship. We love you!!!
Next blog: How we celebrated "Día de Muertos". Hasta mañana.

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